Jadin Recks

Original Mix

Released September 24, 2013

Amped Artists → AMPS003

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Our next release comes in the single format from up and coming producer Wade Jewell under his Jadin Recks alias. "Iroha" is an eclectic piece of electronic music full of melancholy melodies, brooding grooves, and subtle production magic. Fans of a darker, progressive trance sound will find themselves at home listening to Iroha.

Production Notes

The original concept for this song started as "piano trance meets deep bass and a kick with a reverse tail". This version is much more more layered and rich, and less repetitive. The source material is one of my favorite songs to listen to on any given day; it has less of a peak than the version that got released, but I enjoy the mellow mood.

Artist Support

Rank 1 & DJ Pierce Hill Radio Rush #41 17 min