Jadin Recks

Original Mix

Released October 8, 2013

Nueva Digital → ND112A

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by Patrick Perez & 06R

ThanatophobiaPatrick Perez Remix Thanatophobia06R Remix


ND112 introduces Jadin Recks debut EP on Nueva Digital. Jadin gives us a taste into his world and unique style of music. It's really hard to pin down what genre Jadin Recks produces because it consists of a lot of style diversity.

The title track 'Thanatophobia' which literally means 'fear of death' may in part describe this track which is full of overwhelming bass stabs and rhythms, dark melodies, and fearful intensity for the dance floor, and pleasing to the ears as well.

Production Notes

If you combined 2099, Lust, and a few more songs, you would end up with Thanatophobia. It's a great reflection upon my general music style, in terms of genre (or lack thereof). Supporters never have been able to pinpoint my specific genre, which is something I'm proud of. I remember the excitement I had when I had finally "cracked" the basssline to 2099 in a song. To me, it was a success, but showed that my skills still needed a lot of work (and they still do).

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