Jadin Recks

Original Mix

Released August 14, 2013

Dangerbox Recordings → DANGBX117A

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This will be Jadin Recks 3rd release on Dangerbox and it is a floor slamming EP. Recks gives us a two tracker filled with excitement and energy. Although both tracks have a very similar summer vibe to them, they differ from one another in melodic composition and emotion. This is the good ol' tech-house sounds fused with todays rhythms of club. You can't help but dance when you hear Jadin Recks tunes.

Oasis is more subtle with its approach of introducing itself as a progressive tech house tune. It's really hard to pin down what genre Jadin Recks produces because it consists of a lot of style diversity. It's a blender of good categories which is exactly what we like at Dangerbox.

Production Notes

Oasis, like many of my released tracks, was based on an older concept track that I made years prior. This track was completely remade for the release, only familiar through its base melodic material. My stylistic references come through clearly in the track, especially in the percussive elements like the very transient clap. Like Shössow, my intent is to transport the listener somewhere — to a place, a time, or an emotion.