Jadin Recks

Original Mix

Released May 6, 2013

Dangerbox Recordings → DANGBX113

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Back again with a shimmery interceptor reminiscent of a Japanese waxed confection with low-key tech trance expression, Jadin Recks creates a tunneling pathway of refined and dulcifying edulcoration with his second single release — Diligence. There is something always innovative about musical refreshments en route straight from the calm flat of small town living. Keep fresh with a listening receiver as this number takes your footpath near and pulse of the sun.

Production Notes

This track is another that references many of the songs I was listening to at the time it was produced. The chords of the song were the first thing I wrote; brooding and dramatic, much like I was then. This song has never been my favorite. Some of the elements are interesting, the source material (since it was a remade song) was decent, and reception was warm, but I've never felt that the song showcased my production abilities.

Artist Support

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