Jadin Recks

Planetfall Original Mix

Released February 13, 2013

Label Dangerbox Recordings

Catalog DANGBX107

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Dangerbox introduces Jadin Recks' debut single "Planetfall". The track is full of energy for the dance floor, pleasing to the ears. Recks gives us a taste into his world and style of music, using bassy stabs, and rhythms. Planetfall creates this simple melodic lead fusing tech house and trance style elements together. If you're a fan of Sander Van Doorn's jumpy rhythms and Tone Dairy's bass styles, Jadin Recks gives us those flavors combined.

Production Notes

This song was produced after a crazy experience in the summer of 2012. I was deeply affected and inspired by the physical sensations that I experienced with several of my friends at a house party. The night was a blast. Opening up and putting the sensations to music came so easily after that experience, and I've never been quite able to create something so raw and dynamic since this song, I believe. It was the first and — in a lot of ways — the best.

Artist Support

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