Jadin Recks

Jadin Recks Remix

Released March 11, 2013

Amped Artists → AMPS001

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4Frame launches the Amped Artists label with his unique original track Skyscrape. The original mix includes a moody bassline groove, and atmospheres that guide listeners into the melancholy theme of the track. Adding in subtle melodies and strings, 4Frame builds Skyscrape until the lead melody, screaming its way in appears during the second break and climax. Joining the Skyscrape release is Jadin Recks, bringing a truly new perspective to the track by making his remix one that constantly evolves and changes, leaving something new for the ears with each listen.

Production Notes

This concept of this track was to take the original, which is very much an understated and mellow progressive house track, and combine it with a darker and dramatic tone. I changed the key from D minor to G minor, switched the rhythm from standard 16ths to triplets, and added atmosphere with more atonal elements. In the end, I'm proud of the track because of it's originality, but the execution shows that I was very much a newcomer to the field; I would execute a similar remix differently today.