Jadin Recks

Original Mix

Released December 1, 2014

Amped Artists → AMPS018B

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The unstoppable talent that is Jadin Recks returns to the Amped Artists imprint with his stunning two track Tower EP. Fans of darker, melodic, and ultimately eclectic sounds will love this release. Tower captures listeners with a monstrous groove and keeps the energy levels high with a heavy lead riff. The rhythmic focus carries over into the B side, Redefinition, which then introduces us to soaring atmospheres. Two unforgettable tracks added to Jadin Recks' already outstanding discography

Production Notes

If I ever want to introduce someone to my music, I let them listen to this song. It's my ideal combination of references, original composition, sound design, ambience, and progression. The source material was the title track from an "album" I had made — Definition of the Word. The title ended up changing because it was so far removed from the source by the time the track was finished. And, I hoped, it'd represent a new stepping stone for my music career.

Artist Support

Josh Ollerton Silk Royal Showcase #267 40 min