Jadin Recks

Original Mix

Released December 1, 2014

Amped Artists → AMPS018A

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The unstoppable talent that is Jadin Recks returns to the Amped Artists imprint with his stunning two track Tower EP. Fans of darker, melodic, and ultimately eclectic sounds will love this release. Tower captures listeners with a monstrous groove and keeps the energy levels high with a heavy lead riff. The rhythmic focus carries over into the B side, Redefinition, which then introduces us to soaring atmospheres. Two unforgettable tracks added to Jadin Recks' already outstanding discography

Production Notes

Tower takes a lot of elements from more commercial styles of trance — many of which are also on the Amped Artists label. The song managed to be both ambient and energetic and have a different type of build up and break down than other songs of mine. I also drew heavily from producers like Arnej who produce with that style, but in very different ways.

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