Jadin Recks

Second Guesses
Original Mix

Released February 3, 2014

Amped Artists → AMPS007B

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Jadin Recks returns to the Amped Artists imprint with his wonderfully eclectic "December EP", comprised of two new original tracks: Deep December, and Second Guesses. Deep December is an unforgettably dark track, filled with tension and polished by soaring atmospheric content. Rounding off the release, Second Guesses offers a less aggressive journey while retaining energy with a heavy groove. Carrying ethereal soundscapes throughout both tracks, Jadin Recks has delivered an EP that speaks volumes for his talent.

Production Notes

This is one of my most successful songs, in terms of style, production value, and acclaim, especially after I made my mashup of it and Rapture by iiO. When I hear it now, it still sounds thoughtful and methodical — which it was — but it also sounds original and farther from reference material. This was the point in my production career that I felt that my music was becoming more unique and with better production.

Artist Support

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