Jadin Recks

Original Mix

Released October 8, 2013

Nueva Digital → ND112B

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ND112 introduces Jadin Recks debut EP on Nueva Digital. Jadin gives us a taste into his world and unique style of music. It's really hard to pin down what genre Jadin Recks produces because it consists of a lot of style diversity.

The intro of 'Still' starts into a mystical aural trip and builds up to this simple and energetic melodic lead synth, fusing tech house and trance style elements together.

Production Notes

Still, to me, has always represented feelings of nostalgia that I've had for the happier times in my past. I had no specific memory in mind at the time, and I didn't feel nostalgic during production, but the feeling came as I listened to the songs more. The focus of the track is its atmosphere and the simple (but thick) chord progression, which slowly dips you into the track.